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  • Ayurvedic Massage - Chakra Dhara
  • bali botanica day spa in ubud
  • Ayurvedic Crown Massage
  • Signature Herbal Massage
  • Mandi Lulur - Floral Bath
  • Spice Scrub & Pedicure
Bali Botanica Day Spa - Where hands meet with the heart...
Ayurveda treatment

Ayurvedic Massage – Chakra Dara

Let the warm herbal oil drip to your chakra points to balance your energy flow and refresh the body, mind and spirit; followed by a slow and relaxing massage that will relieve any accumulated tensions.

Hand Spa Treatment

Pamper Yourself the Whole Day at bali botanica!

This package of various spa treatments could be a revitalizing treat for the senses after the pressures of daily routines. You will come back refreshed; ready to face a new day.

What People Say

  • “Very thankful for people who served me here! I love you.”
    — Rita, Hong Kong.

  • “Very professional. Fantastic experience. Spice Bath was amazing!”
    — Claire, Australia.

  • “It was a great day. It made me forget a while and escape into bliss. Great service / smiles. Thank you!”
    — Michael, Australia.

  • “Very nice massage friendly staff and beautiful setting. Lovely ginger tea afterward.”
    — Jessica, Australia.

  • “Very relaxing. Most enjoyable experience.”
    — Peter, Australia.

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